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Christmas Mega-Shorty: Krampus visits Happenstance
It was Christmas Eve in Happenstance, and all through its streets / Criminals lifted televisions as children snuck some sweets. / In the eyes of Krampus, both are quite wrong. / Beware anyone who ignores the warnings from this song . . .
- From "Krampus," traditional Happenstance holiday carol (1955, H. E. Bouldergonads)
Snow settled on a small neighborhood in the suburbs of south Happenstance. It was evening, with the flickering of street lamps being drowned out by festive neon mockeries the citizens called 'decorations.' They twisted lights into designs of reindeer, of fancy men, of sleighs and particularly obese Santas unable to fit down chimneys. Upper-middle class homes lined the perimeters of the streets, looking like it dared Christmas to pass them this year.
Snow also sat on a bench underneath the warm glow of a street lamp, which attracted an odd couple of moths. It wasn't the powdery precipitation one normally expected during the holidays, however; it was the flame-haired ant
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Mature content
Vyronika's Story :iconbrunicus:Brunicus 0 0
Void Chronicles Prelude: Estim
Night fell on an unassuming ruin adjacent to the shore of Yoveria. The silvery moon hung in the sky, casting its silvery light upon an impressive wrecked structure with one of its ends facing skyward at an angle as if morose over the loss of mobility. Sand and seaweed draped over it, with hints of roots from a gangly forest behind it sneaking up to penetrate deep into its shell.
Under the dim moonlight, with no one around for miles, the incredibly metallic structure looked ancient and yet incredibly out of place under any assumption the word 'ancient' implied. While it clearly rotted in places, with gaping holes exposing various internal systems underneath and seaweed living where it could, its general shape suggested something unearthly about it. Like it was a vessel made terrestrial in ages past, a shuttle craft left to rot in the sand with its door off its hinges and deteriorating in the salt water far to the front.
The sounds of a breathing mask disturbed the night's serene silence
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Happenstance Shorty: Venus and Milo
First National Happenstance Bank under siege! Tellers and bankers in danger as an unmasked vigilante absconds with the biggest haul since the Valentine's Day Pigmen Stealing Your Cash heist!
News broadcasts announced the stick-up of the First National in similar ways, amounting to men with news reel voices reciting the above with impeccable speed and excitement. On the scene at the massive window-laden building, helicopters buzzed around like wasps armed with artillery as cops, ambulances, and other emergency personnel swarm near the entrance. Guns, sirens, and tanks of all sizes held a firm wall against an intruder poised to walk straight out with enough cash to buy a volcano lair. Or so the story goes.
    "For fuck's sake, men! It's one man in a damn costume!" shouted the police commissionere through his remarkable Scottish terrier-like moustache. "We have simple, elegant procedures against this precise situation! Have we forgotten how we dealt with Wanton Destruc-TOR
:iconbrunicus:Brunicus 1 1
Happenstance Precinct #1, Head Station, Interstellar Affairs, Interrogation Room #42. A normal interrogation room, like so many of its brethren locked inside the enforced areas of Happenstance's preliminary station. Grey and tired like many of the elder cops that use it, Room 42 rested silent and creaking - its metaphorical bones waiting for the day they close it down for good or give it a tune-up. A microfilm of dust upon the floor, the occasional roach leaving nigh-imperceptible footprints there-on.
    A monolithic table, made of polished silver, rested as the center of attention, in what amounted to the exact center of the room. It wasn't, being slightly towards the wall opposite the door, but nevertheless. Around it rested three chairs, matching the table they surrounded. Who sat on them didn't match, of course, being organic beings that evolved without it in mind, but that's neither here nor there.
Two chairs were on the side on the opposite wall, backs to the wall
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Mature content
Have Muscles, Will Travel :iconbrunicus:Brunicus 6 0
I Need A Drink
Dateline: Rannoch! The year: 2187. Four years have passed since the Reaper’s defeat at the hands of Commander Shepard and the unified galactic army. Their resolve and sacrifice brought an end to a vicious cycle of death and rebirth that previously doomed entire civilizations – and entire species – to extinction. With the aid of a Prothean device, the galaxy’s numerous species banded together for a final assault that served as the decisive victory against an ancient, fearsome opponent.
    Today, Quarians return to their homeworld, Rannoch, with a newly mended relationship with the Geth in tow. The two species now collaborate to return the planet to its former glory, leaving behind a migrant lifestyle and resolving centuries of interspecies distrust to forge a new, cooperative future. What is in store for the Quarians and Geth now that their underlying issues have been dealt with? Is there a bright future ahead for this new cooperation?
For one Quarian,
:iconbrunicus:Brunicus 10 0
Today's Forecast
“This Channel 1, your local news station! It’s now 11:35, time for sports!”
The channel’s regal, symphonious fanfare blared joyfully as two anchors, a male and female, waved at the camera in preparation for the day’s summaries of top matches. The male dressed in what one could only assume was a jersey-framed left over from a golf tournament, visor and all, with mute pastels for colors. His co-anchor, dressed professionally in suit and tie, shook her head in jovial dismay as she sighed serenely at his choice of wardrobe.
“Looks like Morland’s very own local legend Pat Baxter is making headlines this week,” said the male anchor, with a broad, toothy smile. “In his final match against brand favorite Jay McElron, Baxter faced massive odds in favor of the giant of an opponent.”
“However, this story became a tale of the underdog as Baxter landed a critical leg drop against McElron in round 3,” said the female anchor, as
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Happy Birthday Doom
The chronicles of Estim, Nagala, and Toriev sent them through numerous worlds, with varying technological and cultural elements that are equal parts familiar and distinct. Whether they visited a country dedicated to the teachings of Aroheim (Risala) or a world filled with demons bunkered in a massive subterranean city (Geisaro), they met with enough adventure to last a lifetime. Which was a good thing: they had no plans on returning to fix the problems of a multiverse once on the verge of destruction.
    As a result, vacations became a welcome change of pace for the intrepid adventurers and their growing band of like-minded travelers. And relatedly: Celebrations wound up being a good reason as any to take time off, so a trio decided to take one as an excuse to abandon restraint and visit a reality solely for the express purpose of celebrating.
A horse-drawn carriage pulled into a quaint village surrounded by verdant hills, arboreal sights, and wind so calm, it practically sl
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Amanada Meets Deidra
Legends spoke of a new wave band that burst from the scene in a previously unknown speck of land known as Amarville, New York. Anachronistic, the legends labeled the band, a revival of ‘80s tones reminiscent of Blondie  - a band conspicuously known as Bust of Glass. They dedicated their sound to ‘80s pop and punk, a nostalgic trip back to when Jem and the Holograms existed as pure neon and all the ‘80s in one convenient package.
This largely attracted enough of a fan base on its own, riding high on the still-trending ‘80s nostalgic power trip that propelled Transformers and ninja turtles into the 2010s with audiences too young to have even seen their original comics in person. However, they maintained certain popularity beyond that due to their lead singer, a leading lady of epic proportions. ‘Epic’ was the official merchandising and advertising term, though it proved quite effective as a rather literal description of her existence – the e
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Relevaebrunavatarwip3 By Doom San-d9fspru by Brunicus Relevaebrunavatarwip3 By Doom San-d9fspru :iconbrunicus:Brunicus 20 2
April's Christmas Quickie
The holidays have always been a modest affair at April’s equally modest apartment. Such synchronicity in their modesty was by no means a coincidence, given an effectively one-room apartment with partitions about lent itself to very little in the way of holiday spirit. Every time she sneezed walking through the front door, she found herself by the opposite wall, about to plant her delicate face into the only window her apartment possessed.
Said apartment’s sole window had its blinds drawn and partially shut, letting in the evening night ambience with a calm, collected demeanor. The hum of her ceiling fan’s light disturbed the otherwise blissful silence around April, who wasn’t anywhere to be found in the main area. The main area was what she called the beef of the apartment, with the eastern half being a series of small alcoves where she put her kitchen, bathroom, and closet – each lined up north to south (in that order) in a subsequent line that was about
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Carla Flynn by Brunicus Carla Flynn :iconbrunicus:Brunicus 4 1
Vicky and Erin Shorty
Christmas time is usually a time of giving, a time of togetherness. Friends and family show how much they care for each other by giving them what they think they’d enjoy. It thus becomes a time where friends and family figure out how much they knew each other, often producing hilarious results when things go awry.
Erin sat in front of her computer’s monitor, headset tucked in her brown hair so that only the mic was visible. A nip of a certain potion made her breasts more manageable for the moment, her chest tucked inside a sweater so cheerfully red, green, and white, it nearly vomited Christmas. That whoever designed it kept its imagery to snowflakes and Santa hats meant they showed incredible restraint in the face of the season’s numerous trappings.
Below her shirt, hidden behind her immense (roughly body-sized) breasts thanks to her seated position, was a set of Christmas-colored plaid pajama pants, unbuttoned thanks to the button failing a wrestling match with her
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Amanda Planteruse, Store Owner
They say never judge a book by its cover. For people, their covers can come in all varieties of shapes, sizes, and proclivity towards peculiar anatomical issues. As such, some understood the idiom’s message quite well – and utilized it efficiently.
A casual conversation took place in a small town named San Destíno, California. It looked like a mining town since converted into a quaint set of brick or wood houses for people with small town hearts. From any possible angle, it resembled an attempt to squish Mayberry into California with Californian parts and getting it mostly right. Main Street cut perfectly through the middle of town, the southeastern section committed to the small and serene ‘downtown’ area, with the mayor’s office and stores. Everything else from the surrounding buildings to the outskirts ranged from cabins to homes to the fairgrounds.
On the side of the street across from the mayor’s house was the ‘cleverly’ named M
:iconbrunicus:Brunicus 1 0
Amanda Planteruse in the flesh by Brunicus
Mature content
Amanda Planteruse in the flesh :iconbrunicus:Brunicus 12 0

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